How much do you charge for your DJ Service ?

Wedding prices vary from $900-2000 with discounts available for Friday and Sunday weddings. DJ services for all other events start at $450

What type of music do you have and do you keep up with current music ?

I have everything from classical, jazz, pop, country, r&b, disco, techno, hip hop, rap, rock, and just about everything else you can think of. I have a subscription to a music service that provides me with the latest songs in all styles that also provide radio stations.

Do you sub-contract or have a “stable” of DJs, what happens if you can not make it?

I do not sub contract or have a stable of DJs. Unlike a lot of multi ops DJ companies, I would never send a “trained” DJ who just joined the company and look fresh out of high school to do your wedding or event. I net work with only the best and most experienced DJ companies and help one another out if I could not make your event. Needless to say in the past 20 years doing weddings, I have never called in sick : )

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, and make sure who ever you do hire carries insurance and you actually see the original insurance certificate

Do you offer 2 DJs for my event?

No, and don’t be fooled by “I’m getting two DJ’s for the price of one”. When a company sends out “2 DJ’s” you are typically getting a DJ and an assistant / friend or helper. Or, a separate DJ and separate MC. You are NOT GETTING two DJ/MCs of equal talent that can DJ/MC and run a wedding reception on their own that have the experience to do so. Think about, if you owned a DJ company and had two DJ’s that were of equal talent and experience, wouldn’t you be sending them out on two events instead of one to maximize your profit as a business?

How many weddings have you done?

Well over 1000 at just about every venue several times over in the capital district with over 1500 events total and 30 plus years in the entertainment / wedding / music business. P.S….I also played in several rock and top 40 bands before DJing as the guitar player from Sinatra to Ozzy…and as a classical guitarist performing for weddings, wine tastings, art gallery exhibits, even Hollywood stars …how many DJ’s can say that ? !!

Do you have references?

Yes ! Unlike most DJ’s who claim all these references that are typed out on their website or some wedding website, how can you possibly know they are real? I have video testimonials from my clients, at the their wedding as it happened, with video footage from the wedding. Doesn’t get any more real than that ! Prior to digital cam-corders, I would send a service evaluation form for clients to fill out………all hand written and is available for your viewing upon consultation. You can see video testimonials and footage here: My Youtube Channel

Professional Endorsements

  • “Jim & Ellen are always great to work with. They are fun, easy going and great with the guests. They always make sure that the special events we do here are great and the client is always happy. That’s why I know you will enjoy working with them just as much as we do.”

    – Rebekah Foster – Longfellows Restaurant, Saratoga Springs

  • “I have done numerous weddings with Jim and Ellen, Jim really knows how to keep the dance floor rocking, and Ellen always knows when to take that perfect shot. I know Jim and Ellen will exceed your expectations and do a great job for you, that is why here at Michael’s Banquet House, we highly recommend them.”

    Rick Treacy – Michael’s Banquet House, Owner and Executive Chef

  • “I hired Jim for a family event for my brother’s 30th birthday party and wanted to have a wonderful time, and Jim did not disappoint, we had a great time! Jim made it easy, he made it fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. I know that if you are interested in Jim or Ellen for your event that you will be as pleased with them as I was”

    Yvonne – Bridal Gallery by Yvonne.

  • “I have known Jim and Ellen for many years in the business. Jim has done several weddings with us and Ellen has done several weddings in the photography. They are highly recommended by every client I ever used them with, and they are top on my list.”

    Roberta Daab – Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center

Affordable Weddings?

Sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn’t it?
Well it’s the wave of the future. Spending your life savings on your big day is crazy. You can have elegant, beautiful weddings without breaking the bank. That’s our promise here at JAM Productions Entertainment.