Photography FAQs

How many weddings have you done and what is your experience?

I have done over 1000 weddings and doing photography for over 20 years. You can read my complete bio under the photography page

What makes you different than other photographers out there?

I approach weddings from more of an artistic view and photojournalistic. As I am sure you see many wedding photographers pictures look very similar and not very artistic. When I shoot a wedding, I am always looking at various angles, back grounds, lighting situations, and what would be the most creative way to frame a shot. Having a back ground in art has helped me turn your wedding pictures into a truly creative and artistic memory for you.

How much do you charge for weddings?

Basic wedding packages start at $1895 with discounts available for off season, Friday and Sunday weddings.

I have found photographers that are under $1000, why should I pay more for you or other photographers that I have looked at?

There are several reasons. First, look at the quality of the pictures and colors, but just not online on a website, but in a printed picture. Most photographers who charge so little are using $500 –$800 dollar cameras/lenses and not very experienced. Well the images may pass looking at a website, try printing one of those images. All of our images are shot in high resolution with superior camera lenses and sensors for the best possible image. This is extremely important when it comes to image sharpness and color contrast. Just look at some of those images on their websites, do the colors seem to be watered down and not very crisp?

How do I reserve the date or meet for a consultation?

Just go to the contact us form on the website and fill out your information. Make sure to check off the photography check box. We will contact you to set up a consultation.

Professional Endorsements

  • “Jim & Ellen are always great to work with. They are fun, easy going and great with the guests. They always make sure that the special events we do here are great and the client is always happy. That’s why I know you will enjoy working with them just as much as we do.”

    – Rebekah Foster – Longfellows Restaurant, Saratoga Springs

  • “I have done numerous weddings with Jim and Ellen, Jim really knows how to keep the dance floor rocking, and Ellen always knows when to take that perfect shot. I know Jim and Ellen will exceed your expectations and do a great job for you, that is why here at Michael’s Banquet House, we highly recommend them.”

    Rick Treacy – Michael’s Banquet House, Owner and Executive Chef

  • “I hired Jim for a family event for my brother’s 30th birthday party and wanted to have a wonderful time, and Jim did not disappoint, we had a great time! Jim made it easy, he made it fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. I know that if you are interested in Jim or Ellen for your event that you will be as pleased with them as I was”

    Yvonne – Bridal Gallery by Yvonne.

  • “I have known Jim and Ellen for many years in the business. Jim has done several weddings with us and Ellen has done several weddings in the photography. They are highly recommended by every client I ever used them with, and they are top on my list.”

    Roberta Daab – Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center

Affordable Weddings?

Sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn’t it?
Well it’s the wave of the future. Spending your life savings on your big day is crazy. You can have elegant, beautiful weddings without breaking the bank. That’s our promise here at JAM Productions Entertainment.